HACCP: Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points

Identify potential safety hazards and reduce or eliminate the risk from being realized

HACCP analyzes potential hazardous factors in the food production process and addresses any biological, chemical or physical risks and enhance management (with 7 principles) at those Critical Control Points(CCP) to prevent or remove the threat to an acceptable level. No matter how much effort is taken to prevent raw and supplemental material from hazardous risks, food is not safe it is contaminated from the outside. Preventing food contamination from the outside is a sanitation program.

HACCP does not work alone, but includes sanitation programs to create an adequate production environment effectively. Therefore it is a risk preventive system to ensure food safety by including steps and procedures in managing food production environment, Goods Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and Sanitation Standard Operating Procedures (SSOP).

HACCP is processing food with care and skill

HACCP is an expression of sincerity in food production and is just like respecting others and caring for ourselves through the means of etiquette and manners. HACCP is about the workers washing hands and controlling temperature. In other words, HACCP does not take drastic measures, but making sure to do or do better what is necessary. Some of the factors are generally managed and some managed with more effort. We call managing work in this way a systematic approach. HACCP is a skill of managing food safety systematically.

We call those who execute seemingly difficult task easily a person with good sense. HACCP is not a new technology, but a skill. When we execute our work following the PDCA cycle, we are doing it systematically. The 7 principles of HACCP are more comprehensive explanation of the PDCA cycle into 7 steps.


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